Nachos de Lujo $9.00

Crispy tortilla chips with refried beans, Monterey Jack cheese, & topped with jalapeños, guacamole, & sour cream.

Choriquezo – $10.00

Chorizo, poblano peppers, grilled onions, & melted Monterey Jack cheese topped with pico de gallo, served with corn or flour tortillas.

Jalapeño Relleno – $7.50

Stuffed jalapeño relleno topped with Monterey Jack cheese & chipotle sauce. Served with rice, beans, corn or flour tortillas.

Chili con Queso – $8.00 sm/$9.00 lg

Melted American cheese topped with guacamole, ground beef, & pico de gallo, Chips included.

Espaditas – $7.00

Crispy baked corn tortilla with choice of topping, covered with shredded cabbage, beans, sour cream, pico de gallo, beef, chicken, al pastor or vegetables. Shrimp or fish available.

Papas Coahuila – $8.00

Freshly cooked potatoes, chorizo & sautéed onions with chipotle sauce.

Papas Monterrey – $7.00

Freshly cooked potatoes & sautéed onions & jalapeños.

Ceviche – $10.00 sm / $13.00 lg

Fresh all natural white fish along with freshly diced tomatoes, peppers, onions, & cilantro. All together marinated in lime juice.

Cocktail de Camaron – $9.00 sm / $12.00 lg

Boiled salad shrimp swimming in our freshly cocktail sauce along with diced tomatoes, onions, peppers, & cilantro.


Tortilla Soup – $8.99

Caldo de Res (Beef) – $8.99

Caldo de Pollo (Chicken) – $8.99

Menudo Soup – $8.99

Soup of the Day – $5.99


Polvos Green House Salad – $6.00 sm / $10.00 lg

Mix of fresh greens, tomatoes, green apples, pecans, & Bleu cheese.

Fajita Salad – $13.00

Pastor, chicken, or beef fajitas sautéed with raisins, pecans, peanuts, sun-dried peppers, & decorated with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, onions, jalapeños, avocados, & sour cream. Served on a bed of crispy tortilla chips with refried beans.

Michoacan Guacamole Salad – $9.00 sm / $12.00 lg

Pico de gallo, blended with diced avocado, & seasoned with fresh lime juice. Served with corn or flour tortillas.


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